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-Text writen on the wall in bulgarian near by the other elements -

coquette е отвъд женското, надменният pedant отвъд мъжкото.

Благоразумната е прекалено мъжествена и един petit ma.tre,

прекалено женствен

Имануел Кант, За красотата и изкуството

ENG The coquette goes beyond the feminine;

the contemptuous pedant, beyond the masculine.

A prude is too masculine and a petit maître, too feminine.

queen scar.jpg

Queen scar

Video Installation

elements : video proyection, marble and text


The scar is a sign that remains on the skin in the place of a healed wound.

The queen to be called as a “queen” , she also have to pass through this initiation rite.

Note: The sculpture was part of the exhibition Man, Woman and in-between at Vaska Emanuilova Gallery's - Sofia City Art Gallery (BG) 

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