Statment solo exhibition Man, Woman and in-between

at Vaska Emanuilova Gallery - Sofia City Gallery 

14.01.2020 / 14.02.2020 


Every day all of us ­– whether man or woman – communicate.

We might establish a relationship of understanding and participation;

or we might remain silent,

intentionally omitting words in order to satisfy a more delicate or refined taste

(or even a duller and coarser taste).


I see an attractive and charming woman,

endowed with vivacity and brio, vigorous and exuberant;

she also has seductive mischief,

in which her sensitivity and morality come together in a fruitful concordance.


I see a man, trying to resolve his conflict between reason and feeling,

a conflict that has gone on since time immemorial;

lost, he feels a sense of inconclusiveness in him,

depriving the world of fundamental motivations

of living, of socializing, of dialogue.


Man and woman, the diversity of minds and faces,

both are a parallel of feeling and faculty.

Both of mixed temperament.

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