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Born in Rome (IT) 1983.
Lives and works between Rome (Italy) and Sofia (Bulgaria)

for any further information, feel free to contact  :

studio : Belka studio for sound and form 

ul. "Mitropolit Panaret" 9 , Sofia

Structura Gallery, Sofia


Via Placido Zurla, 118-120 Roma 


2016 - 2018 Master in sculpture - shape and movement - at National Art Academy of Sofia (BG) 

2009- 2013 Diploma with honor (BA) at the National Art Academy of Rome (IT)

2011-2012 Villa Arson, National Art Academy Nice (FR)

2008 Master Mec Arti, Universita' Cattolica Milano (IT)

2007 Master Degree in Law, Universita' degli Studi di Roma TRE

2006-2007 Photography at RUFA, Roma (IT)






The Feathered Ones, collaboration with Voin de Voin, pre-opening days Venice Biennale 

with the support of The Singer-Zahariev Foundation 


Organic Formula,  Structura Gallery Sofia Nov-Jun 2024

Post-industrial butchery, Collect Gallery Istanbul 

771/2  (collaboration with Iskra Blagoeva) Toplocentrala Топлоцентрала Art Center Sofia 


771/2  - Performance with Iskra Blagoeva for SAW - Sofia Art Week 2022 

The Divorce Goethe-Institute Sofia  - curator Stefka Tsaneva

site-specific installation for Ritual Gatherings Festival - curator Martina Yordanova


Salt free tears, Structura Gallery Sofia - curator Maria Vassileva

Culture of care, site-specific installation, Raiko Alexiev Gallery Sofia 


енергeтиkа / energy site-specific video installation, facade of the Ministry of Energy Sofia  - SAW 2020

Man, Woman and In-between, Galeriya Vaska Emanuilova- Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia 


Ego-Istoire Italian Culture Institute, Sofia for XV Edition della Giornata del Contemporaneo 

Spelonca site-specific video projection, at Structura Gallery's Vetrine  curated by Zoia Petrova, for SAW - Sofia Art Week 

Site-specific permanent work Acqua Non Potabile, commissioned by the Bulgarian Fund for Women for European Capital of Culture Plovdiv 2019 - curated by The Fridge 


The Stone King - first video screening at National Natural Museum of Natural History, Sofia

The path of the oscillating stones, Land Art Work at Rock Formation Lukovit 

AFSD - Æther Sofia (BG)

Kамък Texture - Una Vetrina, Operativa Arte Contemporanea Roma 


Valentina Sciarra - Serie 0, AROSITA Gallery Sofia - curated by Zoia Petrova



Vita land art installation, Cassano delle Murge (IT)

Homeless artist site-specific installation, Arosita Gallery Sofia, 


In Volo Villa Breda, Padova Italia

Crescere, toccare terra per poi rinascere, temporary installation
Piazza del Municipio, Camigliano Italy 

2013 Entre terre et ciel, permanent installation entrée Archet Hospital 
             Nice France  - with the support of CHU Nice and MACSF



Self-splaining (a Triumph of Empathy) curated by Institute of Contemporary Art Sofia for Manifesta Biennial 14 Pristina - Kossovo

Re-spirit/ Trans-spirit Collective Exhibition for SAW 2022 - Sofia Art Week at Doza Gallery Sofia 

As long you stay by me, Regional Center for Contemporary Arts ‘Toplocentrala’ / White Cube,  Sofia (BG) curator Vladiya Mihaylova

Ritual Gatherings Festival - Kamchia Beach (BG) curator Martina Yordanova 


»War, bin, werde sein« Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart 

Harvest, Arosita Gallery Sofia, curator Vera Mlechevska

Akademie Schloss Solitude Annual Festival 2021 

Жътва Arosita Gallery, Vera Mlechevska - curator

Roots, Sofia Arsenal – Museum of Contemporary Art - National Gallery Sofia

Allusion Habitat / The Pric/ze is Right at Vraćar Municipal Gallery Belgrade, curator Voin de Voin, Organised by DOMA Art Fondation Sofia

Poetics of Space, Bankya Art Center, Bankya (BG) curator Genadi Ganev

Border situation: The drawing in contemporary art, Uni Art Gallery, New Bulgarian University, Sofia 


Liminoid Encounters, Akademie Solitude Stuttgart - curator Berit Fisher



FINALE Exhibition Gaudenz B. Ruf Award - Structura Gallery Sofia curated by Maria Vassileva 

Natural Data, City Art Gallery - Blagoevgrad (BG) curator Martina Stefanova (DOMA Art Foundation)

SAW - Sofia Art Week - site-specific video projection Spelonca, at Structura Gallery's Vetrine  curated by Zoia Petrova 

Sense of a City - Site-specific permanent work commissioned by the Bulgarian Fund for Women for European Capital of Culture Plovdiv 2019 curated by The Fridge 


Self-guide Becoming the Other - 250 pg / .published by Æther Sofia

Water Tower Art Fest Sofia 

Pazardžik Festival 2018 

The 4th International Exhibition on New Media Art, CICA Museum Sud Korea 

Project “Visions and Reflections” , Resonance Gallery Plodviv 

PAPERCHASE Santo Stefano Gallery, Sofia 


Transform, ALFA Gallery, Miami (USA)

From project to object - Bulgarian Culture Institute, Berlin 

Kvartal Festival Sofia 2017 (BG) curated by Nadia Timova

Collective exhibition for Bernard Magrez Prize, Bordeaux  

From project to object - SCHNHAUSER ALLEE 26 Berlin 


3 Cervenata Tocka Gallery - Sofia (BG) 

Hard on the Heels of - No.2 Studios, National Academy of Art Sofia 

Apulia Land Art Festival, Bari  

Vladimir Dimitrov Maestora Museum, Kustendil 
Oltre i libri  collective exhibition at Biblioteca Angelica Roma 
Vitosha at Cervenata Tocka Gallery - Sofia  

Selection before :

Exhibition finalists "Giardino di Irene Bin Prize", Sasso di Bordighiera

Exhibition finalists Land art competition, Villa Breda, Padova 
ROMAnce 2, Temple University in Roma (IT) Curated by Tiziana Musi
TRACE Site-specific installation  Giardino del Museo Civico Sartorio, Trieste 
Landscape Festival, Auditorium's garden,Rome 
C'est pas grave mais c'est sans ciel , Atelier d'artistes, Nice 

DER HIMMEL UBER BERLIN Video and sound installation (with Diana Sirianni) 
with the support GAI  - MIBAC Ministery of Culture Italy


2023 (collaboration with) Sebastian Klawiter, Fanti Baum, Valerie Rehle - Stadtlücken Collective  - site-specific project at St. Maria Church Stuttgart 

2022 Contribution for the publication Solitude Journal 4 »Time After Time« 


Come2Art Project (with  ActionAid Hellas, Greece; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; Culture Action Europe, Belgium

Melting Pro, Italy; Clube Intercultural, Portugal; IoDeposito, Italy; Creativity Platform, Greece) 


School of Kindness, by Migrating Voices Amsterdam and Æther Sofia 

Mentor RESET 2021 Kyustendil (BG)


Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart Germany - Fellowship East European exchange program

ROMA NUDA, book published by Miniera curated by Giuseppe Armogida e Marco Folco 


Gaudenz B. Ruf Award 


Gaudenz B. Ruf Award

Water Tower Art Fest Grant

Selected from ALFA Gallery Miami - one year rapresented artist



Selected from ALFA Gallery Miami - one year rapresented artist

Selected for Bernard Magrez Prize, Bordeaux (FR)


Apulian Land Art Festival 2016
Oltre i libri Biblioteca Angelica competition  (section photography) 
Atelier Astumarka AIR Residency, Astumarka Norway
Workshop LightParasites of the German group RaumZeitPiraten, during the International digital arts festival DA Fest Sofia (BG)

Finalist Roberto Zambelli Prize

Finalist, national competition "Irene Bin Garden" 

Finalist Land art international competition "Villa Breda" Padova

Selection by DIVAG Committee - Soprintendenza Speciale per il Patrimonio Storico, Artistico ed Etnoantropologico e per il Polo Museale della Città di Roma 

Young Talent, AAF Roma (IT)  
Residency at Komplot, centre of contemporary art, Bruxelles

Scholarship exchange student at Villa Arson Fine art Academy of Nice (FR)


Nouveau Commanditaires support (     
Muvinup grant, sponsored by GAI-Italian Artists association and PARC (Contemporary art departement of Italian Culture Ministry 

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