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The domestic hearth

site-specific installation 

Galeriya Vaska Emanuilova - Sofia City Art Gallery  

carpet, lava stone, terracotta


The site-specific installation will involve the column of the first room of the Museum.

Around the column will be recreated a “domestic hearth”, consisting of a red carpet and lava and tarracotta stones.

The choice to use lava stones for this installation -with dried (and uncooked) terracotta derives - comes from

their close connection with the concept of “fire”, due to the total absence of water.

A domestic hearth created thanks to the “around the column” concept ; which is the daily meeting place, a moment

of encounter and family socialization, in the past the most intimate part of the house, it remains a symbol of the

house itself and of family intimacy.

Note: The sculpture was part of the exhibition Man, Woman and in-between at Vaska Emanuilova Gallery's - Sofia City Art Gallery (BG) 

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