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камък serie 0

serie of sculptures, video sculpture, origami


Bloodless transformation of  stone

The works follow a new stone sculpture code that can be defined as "bloodless stone sculpture ".

The way of acting is not directed to shaping - molding - giving form to the stone, but the focus is to growthing or transfigurating the potentiality of a "stone rock".
The sculptures are a consequence simple and direct of the original shape of the stone rocks.

Every stone is chosen for its ability to suggest and for its ability to become.
The plaster also comes into harmony with the stone and at the same time carries out an enforcement action.

The series of works falls into a wider research on contemporary ruina, closely connected with

a new definition of stone sculpture.

The ruina contamporanea has dissipated its ability to return a vivid image of history and to manifest the present form of a past life.

They are the ruins of their becoming made of previous works but also abandoned documents, unfinished attempts, inform remains, non-integrated surpluses.

Contemporary ruins are spaces and intermediate objects, placed on the boundary between real and imaginary.

They promote a suspension of judgment and disintegration of the look: they are not a conquest of a territory, they are not the recovery of an origin, but unlimited ‘’distractions ‘’, unlimited derives without goal.

The contemporary ruins are of course sunken and suspended, they are unfinished because the missing parts, they can not be assumed as they can not be deduced by the rest.

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