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The vine wall

site-specific installation 
at Fireland Factory, Baku Azerbaiajn
wood, vine plant wood
2.5 m x 5 m (h)

The Site-specific installation spread over a cement wall of 5 m hight.
The wall is located at the entrance of Fireland Wine Factory and the installation is dedicated to the main activity of the Factory. The starting point for that site-specific installation, as for any work done, is the genius loci of the place, which is his identity and his selfhood. 
In this case, the elements taken into consideration for the development of the work were: the vertical concrete wall and its contrast with natural elements, wood and grape plants. 

With this work I seek the contact action and infiltration that could have a branche of vine. Vine has this ability to grow on the surface, entering into symbiosis with the support that hosts her. Almost it would like become it, it enetrates, it tangles, wraps the support. The installation starts from the floor and looks upwards. 
It occupies an infinite space because it’s without real borders. - As indeed the infinite growth of the plant-vine -.

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