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The Golden Fever 

site-specific installation at Pazardžik's Library (BG)

100 golden stones inside - outside the Library 


The project has been realized for "Art Compass" by DOMA Art Foundation for the Art Alley Art Idea festival in Pazardjik (BG)

(PH : Martian Tabakov) 

The gold fever project is an environmental installation made up of innumerable “golden” stones (gold nuggets)

dispersed in the public space of the Library Nikola Furnadzhiev, Pazardžik Bulgaria.

The places that will welcome the golden stones will be “critical” spaces of the city and not exclusively those are mostly

frequented by the citizens.

In fact, the basic concept of the installation is to restore value and the consideration of some “forgotten” spaces of the city,

which are the cultural and social foundation of the community.

All those space that represent the historical memory of the community and which interact with the city community daily.

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