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The Feathered Ones

17th Aprile 2024 performance in Venice at Giardino ai Giardini, Vencie 

19th April 2024 live stream - action Lottery of Truths from Venice to Lezioni di Resistenza,

Quadraro Festival 2024 Rome

Performer Voin de Voin,

in Collaboration with Valentina Sciarra 

during pre-open days Venice Biennale 2024 

at Il Giardino ai Giardini, Venice

supported by The Singer-Zahariev Foundation

         "Our collaboration lies on the common interest in the context of the post-political formation of thought. How do we exercise power and what is our participation both individual and as society into the construct of power. In time of war and genocide we ask the question- what is to be done, and do we have power/voice to resist? What is the future of art, if censorship and silencing take place as institutional condition?

Is there a movements which aim at a complete transformation of the artistic, economic and political sphere. In all its manifestations, we propagate a mostly radical departure from the past and its norms. The special focus lies on the notion of progress as well on the degenerate renegotiation of what constitutes and represents an emancipated as well as timely art and society. But whose voices initiate and lead this idea of progress? Who should be addressed by this mission? And in what way can these future scenarios, oftentimes conceived in elitist circles, be made tangible, transparent, and understandable and criticized? " 

The Feathered ones9.JPG
The Feathred ones 6.JPG

extracted from the  action  "Lottery of truth" on 19th April 2024 in Venice

and broadcast in live stream at Lezione di Resistenza , Quadraro - Rome  

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IMG_2285 2.JPG
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view of the installation at Structura Gallery, part of the exhibition Formula Organica, Sofia November 2023 - January 2024

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