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MIRABILIA, fabulous stone

NFT digital work created with conscience


technical support: Ivelina Ivanova

Statement :

Today VII - MMXXI full moon day in Aquarius, Mirabilia, a fabulous stone, was created.

The three fundamental attributes of each stone element can be distinguished:

the substance, the virtue and the action -.

In Mirabilia, they are sui generis.

The substance is made up of Mercury, Sulfur and filaments of Crystal Salt.

The virtue is to release a mental energy vibration.

The action of the activated and programmed crystal filaments, accompanied by visualisation and imagination, releases an energetic power.

Using the power of the mind, amplified by the energy of the crystals, the mental activity is also reprogrammed, to get back in tune with the daily needs and therefore with oneself, be free to express emotions, laugh, meditate, live a fulfilling sexuality, cultivating interests and passions, being creative, enjoying life.

By the principle of resonance, you can restore everything that promotes health through this mental reprogramming, promote the growth of self-esteem and good mood, empathy, and attract what you need.


Crystals emit vibrations in a natural way and are able to dialogue with our mental cells, interacting with the subtle fields of their consciousness.

We feel an inexplicable attraction for the stone, as if it "called us", in this way our body tells us that we need to receive or eliminate something: joy, trust, courage, love, shyness, sadness, anger, stress ...

It can also happen to feel a repulsion for the stone, in this case we are dealing with the inner blocks that do not allow us to free ourselves from stagnant energies, we reject change.

Each crystal carries a specific frequency that we perceive as a different sensation.

Mirabilia is the first of a series in progress of fabulous stones.

                                                                                                                                       Valentina Sciarra 

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