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One installation, one video installation and a serie of 10 photos

Text introducing the project, Villa Arson Nice (FR) 2012

“Gardens involuntary” flourish in some streets.
Created by nature, they do not give the impression of being wild, and yet they are.
The plants are fleeing the gardens rigidly organized to find a favorable soil/ground for their expansion.
Les Friches1, wasteland or abandoned areas have always existed. The history denounced as a waste of human power over nature,

but, if they rested on a different look?
The use of traditional patterns of gardens still seems the only way to act appropriately on the natural disorder.

It is a way of saying that the biological order is not yet perceived the possibility of a new design.
Urban friches are an empty architecture that contains a biological condition, which manifests itself in the movement.

The urban friches  become genuine “moving garden” in which, contrary to what happens in all other known gardens - where plants have a definite place - there is here no physical limit to separate the “good” grass from the “bad” grass.
It's the constantly changing territory to growing which justifies the term movement in these special spaces.
The “moving garden” should be judged not on the basis of their shape, but rather on the basis of their ability to evoke a certain “happiness to exist”

1 Gilles Clement, Le jardin en mouvement Paris, Pandora, 1991

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