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I GIGANTI / The Giants

Series of Sculptures (No. 10)

variable dimensions

Marble, wood


Note: The sculptures  were produced thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute, Sofia for the XV Edizione della Giornata del Contemporaneo, Ottobre 2019 

nos esse quasi nanos gigantum humeris insidientes (Bernard de Chartres)

- we are like dwarves on the shoulders of giants -

The giants are our stories, the successive and contradictory faces we have had in the past,and as such they personify the personal and collective experience we carry with us like luggage.From their high shoulders we can see a certain number of things, and a little further away.Although we have very weak eyesight we can, with their help, go beyond

of memory and oblivion.

I GIGANTI is a series of wood and stone sculptures dedicated to the concept of historical past and its presence / absence in culture and contemporary life. Our relationship with the historical past is characterized by a destruction of the past, or rather the destruction of social mechanisms that connected the experience of contemporaries to that of previous generations.

Most of the young generations grew up in a sort of permanent present, in which there is no organic relationship with the historical past of the time in which they live.

The recent history of European man is summed up in this inability to fall over time, and recognize it; to work on the memory, but also to go beyond it to extend its boundaries and build on it. Each sculpture in the I GIGANTI series was created to contain a permanent tension between present and past, attempting to reconcile them.

Each sculpture therefore has two apparently opposite forces that thanks to the assumed “aesthetic form” become forces that meet in a concordant way.

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