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Homeless Artist 

site-specific installation 
Arosita Gallery Sofia 

Dimension: 60 cm x 170 cm
Materials: wood and paper

Artist Homeless is a site-specific installation in public space.
The installation has been created specifically for the passage-public space in front of the gallery Arosita, 12B Vrabtcha steet in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The space has the particularity to be at the same time a public space and interconnected with the gallery 
(a private space). The installation shows the artist's silhouette, sleeping upright, facing the gallery.
The artist is usually an "homeless" - someone with no fixed home- and his relationship with the world of the art market and galleries appears to be controversial. The installation aims to show this “strange” relationship between artist and gallery, between art and the art market.
- personally, I can confirm to feel towards the galleries like an homeless : as someone who expects to change dwelling every day to continue working on art like an homeless artist. - 

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