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(...) The work presented here is the result of a collective experiment carried out during the RESET 2021 Residency, led by Valentina Sciarra and Voin de Voin.

It could be interpreted as a performance and the result visible here as "The remains" of an action that has just ended. / False.

True / Collective sculpture is far beyond a performative action, because it reveals within it - thanks to a video that is an integral part of the sculpture - acts / actions / movements that don’t show the construction process of the sculpture,

but which represent a collective, immaterial, incorporeal, abstract, utopian collective actions.

These actions are integral parts of the surfaces but at the same time non materially visible.

True / Collective sculpture, if looked at carefully, has its own very precise logic,

the logic of collectivity in fact, therefore chaotic, mixed, convulsive.

True / collective sculpture has the merit of going beyond the limit of the absolute stillness of sculpture.


thanks to ;

This project was financed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture

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