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Formula 1

marble and metal 

5 m x 80 cm 


Formula 1 it’s a sculpture dedicated to the concept of Peace and is composed of three symbols elements in stone combined like a scientific formula : the symbol of EMPATHY + the symbol of the whale tail/ CREATIVE WISDOM  = PEACE. 


Note/ Comment  : The symbols represented here have been “redesigned” by me on the basis of aesthetic research and visual perception. In particular, taking into account in their choice also the “natural” element, for example empathy is an attitude that involves all living beings, therefore also vegetable beings; or the peace symbol redesigned in the shape of a tree.

For millennia, the message of peace has obviously been unheard, even if promoted by the majority of people. The hypothesis of Formula 1 is precisely that of trying a total new reformulation of the message, working on its form or visualization to make a next step to construct peace.

In Formula 1 the final concept is not given by the simple sum of its elements, but it is something more; because although it is based on sensory information, it goes beyond their cognitive aspect in relation to the mental conceptions to which we associate them.

Attempting to make the symbols material and maybe finally get the concept of what they embody.

Formula1 is the first sculpture of a serie dedicated to a research on symbols and their strong power of recalling meanings, its immediate comprehensibility and memorization.

* Formula 1 was supported by Regional Center for Contemporary Arts Toplocentrala  for the opening exhibition April-May 2022 "As long as you stay by me" curated by Vladiya Mihaylova.

Participating artists: Valentina Sciarra, Nevena Ekimova, Nilbar Güreş, Kamen Stoyanov and Antoni Rayzhekov together with the Ukrainian artists Anastasiia Prozora, Anastasiia Sysenko, Anton Lapov, Kostiantyn Zorkin, Khrystyna Silivon, Mykhaylo Barabash, Ostap Manulyak, Roman Haideichuk, Sergiy Petlyuk, Serhiy Korovyatsky, , B_ST_FFORT aka ∿undeleted, Ujif_notfound. 

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