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Der Himmel über Berlin

Video-sound site-specic installation 
at Altbau in Berlin

with Diana Sirianni 

This is a video-sound installation created by Diana Sirianni and Valentina Sciarra in an Altbau loft in the Neukölln  District of Berlin. 

22 July 2009 / 21.h
Friedelstrasse 48, Neukölln, 12047 Berlin,  
Hinterhaus, Dachboden

The loft is the place where a gap is created – a breach between earth and sky – a launch pad that gathers shared energies together and projects them to the top, perforating the ceiling. 

The work is a site-specific installation purpose made for the loft in the Neukölln district. 
It is a old -narrow – dusty loft, and the work takes place exactly behind the building‘s beams. 
Compelled and dark place. Nevertheless it is placed at the top, higher place as is possible.
Near to the sky, nearest to the sky as is possible. 

The public that is going to participate to the installation is the energy that powers our work’s motor. The work composes itself trought the experiencies, the bodies, the energies that belong to the place. 

The loft is the lunch pad to make a hole, to open a breach between earth and sky. 
It is the right place for a choral and initiation deed – act/ to perforate the ceiling over our heads. 

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