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the crab 

marble and metal 

3 m x 2,5 m 




From the Dodecadero to the Crab -> Allegory of the Path of Life

The dodecahedron is associated with the aether (air) and symbolizes the fifth element, the invisible energy that underlies the four formative elements. It promotes our spiritual development and the process of incarnation.

Cancer is primarily associated with nature and its cycles.

The way it walks is an allegory of the path of life (even if it always takes side paths).

Cancer is associated with water and the moon (its behavior is strictly dictated by the lunar cycles). Similarly, the constellation Cancer is part of ancient mythological narratives always dedicated to the process of birth, because this constellation represents the portal through which "souls" pass to incarnate in the physical world.

Note : the work was part of the exhibition Formula Organica at Structura Sofia, November 2023 - January 2024

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