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Installation of 100 drawings

Each one 27 cm x 21 cm, pencil on cardboard






Gentilissimi (eng. Very Kind) is an installation made up of 100 drawings scattered in space.

 The drawings were conceived during the participation in the first edition of the School of Kindness, held in Sofia in June / July 2021 and curated by Migrating Voices - Amsterdam and Æther - Sofia.

The drawings are dedicated to the term of "kindness" which today embraces a series of feelings described in different words: solidarity, generosity, altruism, humanity, compassion, empathy, all words connected with the concept of relating to others.

In the past these sentiments were known by other names: philanthropy (love for humanity) and caritas (love for neighbor); today what is kindness instead?

The fields of flowers, on the other hand, demonstrate that a society of kindness and solidarity is still possible.

Besides, even more colorful.

I always had the feeling that flowers combined being in solidarity with others, sharing their ideas, intentions and responsibilities.

92. Binder1_Page_39.jpg
95. Binder1_Page_36.jpg
87. Binder1_Page_28.jpg
94. Binder1_Page_37.jpg
91. Binder1_Page_40.jpg
85. Binder1_Page_30.jpg
95. Binder1_Page_36.jpg
86. Binder1_Page_29.jpg

Gentilissimi, installation view at Akademie Schlooss Solitude, Stuttgart (DE), photographs by Barnabás Neogrády 2021

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