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mural sculpture

onyx marble

2 m x 2,10 m 



The sculpture was created thanks to the support of  The Gaudenz B. Ruf Award Foundation 

and it was part of the collective exhibition FINALE at Structura Gallery Sofia, 

24.10.2019 - 07.12.2019

Madre Terra is a wall sculpture built on a 90 degree angle, thanks to the specific geological conformation of the stone used (onyx marble).

The main point of the work is the stone's stratification, or the process by which surfaces are formed that divide sedimentary successions at various hierarchical levels.

Social stratification is an universal trait of human societies, which are organized in an historical or structural overlap of different phenomena ; moreover we can speak about the social stratification , or the location of individuals or groups on different layers, subject to social evaluation and distinguished on the basis of parameters ; and final, the linguistic stratification , the diachronic overlap in a language of linguistic elements of different origins, or the synchronic presence of several layers corresponding to different social levels.

In all these cases we talk about the process of social stratification.

 Madre Terra shows just a short shot / flash frame of our phase of evolution, an active res t, during which a maturation process is developed or a change is realized and perfected thanks the process of stratification.

The choice to create an angular sculpture is derived directly from the geological conformation of the stone, exactly to amplify the visual attraction towards the layering process set in the corner of the wall. The sculpture is therefore itself an integral part of the wall, penetrating inside it and at the same time creating a new surface, a new layer on this. For this reason the process of "social stratification" to which the work is inspired, is at the same time an integral part of the construction process of the art work, and certainly of the stone.

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