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Buongiorno alla paura 


plaster iron, hemp, cotton dress

2.5 m h x 1 m 


We believed that in modernity we could leave behind the fears that had pervaded life in the past; we believed that we would be able to take control of our lives. We are men and women who inhabit the developed part of the world (the richest, the most modernized), objectively we are the safest people in the history of humanity. We are save from the forces of nature, against the congenital weakness of our body, against external aggres- sion. Nevertheless, even if we enjoy the safety and confort more than before, we live in a constant state of alarm.

In man there is a particular sensitivity to danger, which affects his vision of life and it determines a state of fear creeping, present also in the absence of a real threat - therefore even more insidious for that reason – .
In our time this latent fear is unfortunately widespread. It is this aspect that has inspired the work of art Buon giorno alla paura.
The most frightening fear is the fear without an address and a clear cause; the fear that haunts us for no rea- son, the threat that we should be afraid, and that can be seen everywhere, but never shows it clearly. “Fear” is the name we give to our uncertainty, to our ignorance of the threat, or what to do to halt it or, if this is not in our power, at least to deal with it.

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