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The Blue Wave 

game book, p. 21 

November 2021

edition in English and Bulgarian
standard in b/w and (signed) in color 

text by Valentina Sciarra

graphics and overall design by Viktoriya Staykova

translation: in Bulgarian Vera Petrova; in english Iveta Filipova Hristova

The Blue Wave game book was created for the Salt free tears exhibition at Galleria Structura Sofia Nov-Dic 2021.

It has been written by Valentina Sciarra and accompanied by graphics created by Victoria Staykova based on the author’s original drawings for the sculpture presented in the exhibition; made as a complex object, the book embodies Sciarra’s belief that games are a key element in accepting the concept of death. The book offers the possibility of an inner journey - playful - to face daily choices during the last 20 minutes of life before death. Being a game book, each reading of the book can offer different paths to get to the end. But ultimately, the basic concept always remains the same: how we can accept death in our daily life.


Video and photos by @Viktoriya Staykova and @Andrew Anderson

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