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AFSD - Apple Facility System Definition

Æther Sofia 

Sculpture 120 cm x 200 cm, appel and plaster 

installation of 100 plaster eyes 

video (38 second on loop)


In our present days, in order to be part of, participator or an active member of society, you have to enter a zones of engagement which aren’t always clear and legit. The formed systems or schemas particularly invented often without oneself agreement or consent are created to eventually drawn the individual, consume its virtues and turn his/her face in face of society as the ROTTEN. We could say now without a doubt that every civil society is build upon the idea of class, hierarchy, manipulation, racism and least but not last-corruption. The act of corruption comes from a Latin voice composed of the verb “rumpere” and the particle “cum”. We will recall the etymology of Vossio who would like the name matter to come from what is mother (mater) of the body, and that of body (corpus) was a contraction of “corruptus” which, with respect to the soul, the body is the corruptible part of our being. Synonym of corruption for living beings is the “depravity” for which the external characteristics of being, the forms begin to emerge from the natural state. Therefore, there are more stages to travel before than from its natural state, and in which all the parts or molecules of a body are joined together, we move on to that state of dissolution and disintegration which is called corruption. Since then when the corruption of a body happens, it often goes along with some chemical changes to which it is given the name of putrid fermentation or putrefaction, so the idea of physical corruption draws with it as that of the gas or infected vapors that are spreading in the atmosphere. Such fetid emanations are harmful to humans and to a large number of animals; other animals instead seek rotten meats and vegetables to feed them. In addition there are animals, which among putrid substances there are born and grow (from here in antiquity it was thought that the rotting itself generated such animals). In the moral sense, corruption means figuratively the same thing, that is the depravity of the conscience if we speak of actions and customs, or depravity of good taste, if we mean works of art. In legal language we mean by corruption, what by other name could be called seduction, that is, inducing others to do wrong. INFECTION, CORRUPTION, CONTAGION, DEPRESSION The great affinity of the three first words makes them often synonymous; philosophical but considered, they offer minute differences that distinguish them from each other. Infection: means in the proper sense “an evil and harmful affection » that contract animal and plant bodies from their corruption”.

«Infected by the same corruption» « The air was infected with the corruption of corpses » « For the corruption of the water the fish that live in it are infected » Corruption, derived from corruption, under the heading annihilated and corrupt, under the heading « Fracido (Italian) » means in the proper sense “a failure or alteration of the parts that constitute a whole physical” if the compound belongs to animal or vegetable substances, corruption converts into putrefaction, from which the infection was born. From what is confirmed, that corruption is the cause of infection. The word depravation is very similar to corruption derived from the latin word pravus (fake), because both the notion of a change of state from good to evil is common to both. In physics, however, these names differ in what corruption produces a change that can be considered in substance, tending to putrefying, or to the destruction of the thing, as we have already explained; and Depravation indicates only a strong alteration of the forms, of the sensitive characters, of the natural and regular proportions of the thing. The infection and the process of rotting is a state of mind and its contagious, for it is dangerous. It is passed from person to person or in more general scales it engulfs large groups of people or even nations,resulting in total grim of unawareness, brainwashes and despair. The formula is clear: Rotting of 1 apple = Corruption in action on 1 person Rotting of a lot of apples = Corruption in action in society. What are we left with? Reason or choice? Re-thinking freedom as the ultimate value of the being? In the present context of political landscape and affairs, we are left with one valid thought: “Each one” individually must affirm and believe that every one can and must be the author of their choices. History doesn’t repeat-what repeats are the exhausted processes.


Valentina Sciarra and Voin de Voin

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